A Grade Ahead Online: Frequently Asked Questions


A Grade Ahead Online is recommended for use on a tablet, desktop, or a laptop. For best results, choose one of the following options:

  • Laptop or desktop using Microsoft Windows – versions 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (Chrome, Edge, Firefox). Internet Explorer is not supported
  • iPad – version 10.0 or higher
  • Kindle Fire Tablet – Needs to be HD 
  • Mac – version 10.8 or higher
  • Android phones – not recommended due to the size, but will work with version 7.1.1, 8, 9, 10 
  • iPhone – not recommended due to the size of the screen, but it will work with version 10.0 or higher

Yes, you can opt out of the online program at any time, and switch to the Traditional booklet format.

The next activity displays after the previous one has been completed. Usually the next activity opens up immediately. Sometimes, there may be a delay of a minute or so.

We allow studentd to take a one month break per school year and during that time, all online work will remain active and visible. However, when students terminate, they will have until the end of the next month to see their online work and finish completing any remaining activities. At that point, their login will no longer be active until they rejoin the program.

There are a mixture of interactive activities like drag and drop, fill in the blank, matching and other unique question formats. Even though they are automatically graded, care has been taken that they continue to challenge students with critcal thinking and logic just like they have in the traditional approach.

Since the online interactive activities are automatically graded, the system has the ability to challenge students who do well on the initial questions. Those students will move to a series of more difficult questions to practice the topic at an advanced level.

The program is not designed to be used on mobile devices. We recommend that students use a tablet, laptop, or a desktop computer to complete their online interactive activities. Please make sure your system and/or browsers are updated.

All of the online activities will be automatically graded and parents will not need to grade anything. They also no longer need to enter scores into the Parent Portal.

Each activity can be only completed one time. However, there is also a rationale for every question, so students will know why they got a question right or wrong immediately.

The new blended learning program integrates testing differently. Students have weekly quizzes to show their knowledge. At the end of the month, students will have a 30-minute test over all four lessons of the month in the format of a standardized test. All of these quizzes and tests are automatically graded with scores shown once submitted.

Parents can log in to AGA Online by using their student’s credentials and click on the Reports tab to access scores, data, and reports to track your student’s progress.

Try these steps if you are on an iPad or iPhone:

  • On Chrome browser, click on the 3 dots on the top right of the browser window. Then ensure that “Request Mobile Site” option is selected. If it is already selected, the option you will see is “Request Desktop site”
  • On Safari, click on the aA at the left of the URL bar. Then ensure that “Request Mobile Website” option is selected.

Unfortunately, this feature is disabled by Apple. Apple’s iOS blocks it until the user makes some interactions first. This is true on an iPad or iPhone. The keyboard will not pop-up until the user clicks inside the gap. This function operates properly on a desktop or an Android device.

(1) Please make sure that you are logged into your account on one device only at any given time.
(2) You are going to the end of each activity before exiting out of it. This means that you are completing each activity in one session.