Unlike other repetitive tutoring programs, A Grade Ahead’s after-school math and English enrichment lessons and worksheets emphasize progression over time and encourage the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Whether they attend a tutoring center or learn at home, A Grade Ahead students are challenged to maximize their learning potential and launched on a trajectory to achieve their personal goals in school and in life.

Accelerated Learning

Your child will be challenged to understand and master a new educational topic each week. Our curriculum ensures students learn each lesson on the highest level to supplement his or her schoolwork.

Practice Makes Progress

Your child will become the best in class by learning how to advance his or her skills outside of the regular classroom. Our worksheets and activities increase in difficulty with new lessons to keep students engaged.

Learning for the Long Run

Your child will learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will help with school and in the future as he or she pursues a profession. From pre-kindergarten to elementary school to high school, your child can learn with us for years to come.

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Our students soar above the rest. Your child can, too!

With more than 29,000 students served by A Grade Ahead (and counting), there are many success stories that prove the effectiveness of our approach to non-traditional tutoring. Here are two of our favorite former students who worked hard at A Grade Ahead and are living their dreams with bright futures. Will your student have the next A Grade Ahead success story?

Abshaar Narvel

From Student to Teacher to Surgeon

What better testimonial to A Grade Ahead’s program than a former student coming back to our program as a teacher while prepping for medical school.  Abshaar Narvel first walked through A Grade Ahead’s doors in 2006 as a student. After excelling in middle and high school, she went on to attend The Ohio State University. “A Grade Ahead challenged and motivated me to improve and compete with myself to become even better.”

Abshaar is now in medical school specializing in ankle surgery at Rosalind Franklin School of Podiatric Medicine in Chicago and credits A Grade Ahead with helping make her goals a reality.  “A Grade Ahead challenges students to higher goals and keeps students motivated. I owe A Grade Ahead for my academic success!”

Varun Patel

From Standout Student to SAT Success

Varun Patel’s parents knew what they wanted most for their son: educational success. They enrolled Varun in A Grade Ahead at the age of 5 and began seeing academic results quickly. “My grades started increasing at such a fast pace, it made my dad’s head spin,” Varun reflects on his time at A Grade Ahead.

As he continued with A Grade Ahead over the years, Varun became a standout student, receiving top student awards as well as perfect scores on tests.

“The knowledge I received at A Grade Ahead unequivocally transformed my academic career in elementary, middle school, and high school, but the true testimonial to this program was in my SAT scoring,” says Varun. He scored in the 99th percentile on his SAT.

“Studying with A Grade Ahead helped me build a strong foundation that I continue to build on, even to this very day. This program allowed me to reach heights that I never knew would be possible!”

*The name and picture of this student was changed per his privacy request.

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Our Promises: A Program That Goes Beyond Tutoring

At A Grade Ahead, we care about your child’s success. We believe that education is imperative to future success in life, and our goal is to ensure your child follows this path with us. Our non-traditional tutoring programs in math, English, and/or science will move your child to the top of the class, but we hope that we don’t stop there: we want your child to be the doctor, engineer, lawyer, or professional that he or she wishes to be. We want to work with you to open doors for your child.

Here are our promises to you:

  • Curriculum. We invest in our programs and services to provide challenging, up-to-date curricula that will enable your child to reach the highest standards of learning in math, English, and science.
  • Community. We provide a learning community that embraces your family and is bound by common values, goals, and aspirations. As your educational partner, we will do everything we can to help you support your young learner. All of our enrichment academies are committed to this level of service and our Enrichment At Home staff are always ready to help with advice.
  • Confidence. We will meet your child at his or her level and work to build self-esteem, as well as skills. Our acclaimed curriculum is designed to be progressive and your child will build confidence as new skills are learned.
  • Success. Our goal is to set your child up for success in the future. We believe your child’s early years of school set the foundation for his or her future success. We deliver the programs and services that create a passion for learning and a sense of intellectual competence that propels your child to aim higher and higher, throughout his or her academic career and beyond into real-world experiences.
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Meet Our Founders: Meenal and Parag Singhal

Parag and Meenal Singhal - Founders, MathWizardIn 2001, when Parag and Meenal looked to supplement their son Akshat’s public school education with a tutoring or after-school enrichment program, they were not satisfied with the available options. They did not want an after-school program with monotonous drills. They were looking for a program that promoted analytical thinking and problem solving. Not finding the right answer, the Singhals decided to create their own worksheets and materials. Soon, friends and family began asking if they could also use the material for their children.

While still working full-time jobs, the couple began mailing worksheets around the nation and created a small operation in their basement to fulfill the requests. Realizing there was an untapped need, Parag quit his job to focus on creating the type of educational enrichment program he and his wife (and many others) wanted. The company, originally called MathWizard, was immediately successful. They added English, science, and enrichment camp curriculum through the years and in 2016 the company name was changed to A Grade Ahead to reflect the expanded program offerings.

To date, A Grade Ahead has provided after-school academic enrichment (better than tutoring!) to more than 29,000 students across the country, helping them reach their goals in school and life.

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By the Numbers

2001: Start of the program

Over 29,000: Number of students who have benefited

8: Maximum class size at Enrichment Academies

29: Number of Enrichment Academies nationwide

Our Curriculum

Grades for programs: Pre-kindergarten through high school

Courses available for study: Math, English, science, and enrichment camps

Curriculum updates: Conducted annually based upon research and best practices

Our Teachers

Teacher qualifications: All instructors have minimum of three years of college (most have at least a Bachelor’s degree); receive specialized A Grade Ahead training

Teacher evaluations: Teacher evaluations occur once every 3-6 months

Our Academies

Connecticut: Farmington, Manchester, Rocky Hill

Delaware: Bear

Florida: Carollwood, Lutz, Oldsmar, New Tampa

Georgia: Smyrna, Alpharetta

Illinois: Aurora/Naperville, Schaumburg

Iowa: Des Moines

Kentucky: Louisville

Massachusetts: Northborough

New Jersey: Edison,  Parsippany, Plainsboro, Warren

North Carolina: Waxhaw

Ohio: Avon, Dublin, New Albany/Gahanna, Mason, Polaris, Powell

Tennessee: Franklin, Mt. Juliet

Texas: Frisco, Little Elm, Northern Austin

Enrichment at Home Program

Students in 44 states plus Canada

18,000 students and counting

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A Grade Ahead’s proven approach has helped more than 29,000 improve their academic skills, gain confidence, and reach their goals in school and life. Doesn’t your child deserve to be at the head of the class or even “a grade ahead” of his or her peers? There are many tutoring centers and programs available. Try A Grade Ahead today to see why our curriculum is superior to the others and why we say our educational enrichment program is better than tutoring!

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