MathWizard is now A Grade Ahead

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More than simple tutoring, we offer after-school enrichment studies in math and English, pre-k through high school.

We changed our name, but have the same quality after-school learning curriculum along with the addition of English, annual standardized testing prep, and even science in some academies. If you were looking for MathWizard, A Grade Ahead is where you want to be now, for Math and more!


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We get feedback from parents across the country who thank us for setting their kids up to succeed. That’s what keeps us motivated to continue to improve and provide the best program out there. Parag Singhal, co-founder, A Grade Ahead formerly Mathwizard


How MathWizard became A Grade Ahead

How MathWizard Became A Grade Ahead

When Meenal and Parag Singhal founded MathWizard in 2001, they would never have imagined that they would outgrow the name MathWizard. But that’s exactly what happened. Originally, the couple’s new company offered only math curriculum, delivered to students at home through their Tutoring by Mail program. But over the next fifteen years, the company expanded and grew and the name MathWizard didn’t articulate all of the services the company provided. They added English, then science, and then educational camps like MathVenture, Eco Explorers, and Robotics.

Some of our students and even staff felt a disconnection to the name MathWizard, especially those who were taking (or teaching) English or science. So the company looked at all of the options to see if another name would suit us better. Parag Singhal came up with the name A Grade Ahead and it seemed to provide just the right fit to describe the aspirations that the company has for its students. We want to challenge our students to not only achieve “A’s” in school but also to be at the head of the class with the ultimate goal to be literally “a grade ahead.”

Despite the fact that we love the new name, moving away from MathWizard wasn’t easy as it’s a catchy name and we all loved it. In fact, you will still occasionally hear a parent or student refer to MathWizard—and that’s ok. We consider it a compliment.

Whether you still call us MathWizard or have embraced the name A Grade Ahead, the company is still owned and managed by the Singhals, still offers curriculum that is second to none, and still has the same goals for our families. We remain the same family-oriented company we have always been.

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