English Video Tutorials

We recommend that you and your student watch the videos below to get the most out of A Grade Ahead Online. Some of the tips shown:

  • Use the right arrow to start an activity or go to the next question.
  • Hints are available on most questions. These are optional and there is no penalty for opening.
  • When reading a passage, you can click to expand the passage or scroll through it.
  • After you press “submit” to answer a question, you will know immediately if it is correct or incorrect. Click Show Explanation or Show Correct Answer to see a rationale for the answer.
  • The last page provides a summary of your scores including your percent correct and time taken.
  • At the end of the week, you will receive a quiz or test. There is a time limit and questions not answered in time will be marked incorrect.

Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Grammar

Quiz and Standardized Test