Preparing for Tests

A Grade Ahead now offers a month of material solely dedicated to Preparing for Tests. The goal of this month is to prepare students and teach them test-taking strategies before the standardized tests are administered at school.

  • Pre-kindergarten through 2nd grade curriculum is geared to be an intermediate assessment of grade readiness. It also exposes 1st and 2nd graders to the format of standardized tests for future years.
  • Curriculum for grades 3 and up is specifically focused on preparing for standardized testing.
  • This month’s curriculum directly reflects the format of a standardized test and is available in the subjects of math and English. Each week’s work consists of:
    • Examples containing strategies and tips with practice questions.
    • One sample full-length test. (Students may split the homework/test into multiple sessions. Suggested breaks are provided in the material.)
    • Detailed answers
  • Students will learn test taking tips, strategies, and best practices while simultaneously building confidence.

Preparing for Tests material is available to students at Enrichment Academies or via Enrichment At Home in areas that are not served by Enrichment Academies.

English Samples
  • Grade 1         
  • Grade 3     
  • Grade 6

Math Samples
  • Grade 2   
  •      Grade 4
  • Pre-Algebra 2

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