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Parent Testimonials.

"I do not hesitate to recommend A Grade Ahead as I have seen the immense difference compared to Kumon. A Grade Ahead is more aligned to the regular classes and is helping my daughter to do a better job of clarity on math concepts. Above all, she really likes it."

Hari, New Jersey

"I was looking for a math program that would challenge my daughters and improve their analytical skills, in addition to fostering their required basics. I am satisfied with their progress. I love it when they discuss the real world problems that are in Section II and their smiles when they figure them out. I think they are developing a keen interest in math with this program."

Sita Ramesh, New Jersey

"A Grade Ahead has been a great experience for my two sons. The teachers for Math and English are excellent and go above and beyond to help them excel. The NJASK program seems very good as well. The office staff is always very pleasant and eager to help in any way they can."

Seema Thakore, New Jersey

"A Grade Ahead is the place to be. I knew my son (2nd Grader) has the potential but was not sure where to start. I tried a couple of different programs for Math and Reading for my son but somehow was not seeing results. I then enrolled him in A Grade Ahead. The very first week my son started A Grade Ahead, I started seeing a transformation in him. After joining A Grade Ahead within four weeks my son was able to solve very complicated problems in math and was able to do multiple page assignments within minutes. My son was never excited about Reading and comprehension but now I see tremendous improvement in that area as well. He is excelling in both reading and math. This year my son is getting considered for gifted services in his school. I am very delighted to be a part of A Grade Ahead. "

Purnima, Illinois

"I have both of my children enrolled in A Grade Ahead. The weekly math and reading packets coupled with the instructional classroom time has been a very valuable extension of their academic curriculum. I am constantly amazed as how fast the kids are able to learn new concepts in both math and reading. The level of math and reading is individualized for each child to ensure they are learning at the appropriate level for them but are challenged and engaged at the same time. I would highly recommend this program to other parents who are seeking to provide a more structured and individualized program for their child. "

Susan P., Illinois

"A Grade Ahead simulates a small classroom like environment which offers the benefit of individual attention. This structure drew our attention towards A Grade Ahead, than the other kinds of private learning institutions in the area. We are very happy with the progress of our kids after they started this program a year ago. Since then, they have showed great improvement in their class test scores. Hema and Shiv are a great team running this organization efficiently and they have been very helpful in tailoring the classes to suit our kids' specific needs. We would be gladly willing to provide a reference or recommend A Grade Ahead to any parent looking for Math/English program for their kids. Our kids have demonstrated that A Grade Ahead has great teaching methods. "

Anu Madhu, Illinois

"We would like to thank A Grade Ahead for their wonderful material and quality service. We believe it is helping our daughter a lot and it shows in her confidence. "

Sudheer Kumar, Illinois

"Few days back my daughter's teacher commended on her performance in class. When asked why she is so good in English and Math, she replied that it is because she does A Grade Ahead with her dad. I am very impressed with the structure and content of your program. As you know, I have recommended your program to several of my friends and relatives. "

Ravi Pariti, Illinois

"I admire the efforts that went into preparation of the worksheets, especially the word problems of Section II in the Math program. English worksheets too subtly challenge my 9-year old, surprising him when he least expects it. "

Aruna Gandham, Massachusetts

"A Grade Ahead has been a fun, challenging, thought provoking math exercise, which has improved significantly my child's ability in math. "

Kuldeep Vaswani, Ohio

"I found remarkable progress in my kids' ability to work with numbers and math problems. A Grade Ahead program has helped my daughter to score 100% in her Terra Nova test. "

Gauri Jog, Illinois

"My son loves the challenging math problems of A Grade Ahead program. We love the prompt communication and affordable cost of this program. "

Nilam Patel, Texas

"A Grade Ahead program is an excellent and economical solution to solve any child's and parents' "Math Fears"! "

Swati Godkhindi, Illinois

"A Grade Ahead program is a good supplement to the public school curriculum. "

Revathy Narayanan, Illinois

"The math word problems challenge my daughter and make her think and solve. She has improved a lot in doing calculations in different scenarios. "

Veena Jayam, Ohio

"A Grade Ahead is a wonderful program, which gives the best at an affordable fee structure. "

Revathy Narayanan, Illinois

"A Grade Ahead program is a good supplement to the public school curriculum. "

Lakshmi Gundlapalli, New Jersey

"Fifteen minutes spent each day on A Grade Ahead worksheets keeps the kids looking out for challenges. Having the material ready at hand saves a lot of time for parents. "

Suryanarayana Cherukupalli, New Jersey

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