Science Program

4th Grade Science

In the 4th grade science program, students will begin with an accelerated scientific method introduction through application and inquiry based learning. When presented a real life problem, students will learn how to think scientifically to reach a conclusion and gain support. Students will work through a series of Earth, Physical, and Life sciences where they will apply their scientific thinking skills. Including this content, 4th grade students will enhance their:

  • Inquiry based learning skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Ability to follow explicit directions
  • Collaboration with peers to reach supported conclusions
  • Investigation techniques
  • Basics of electricity, magnetism, physics, biology, and chemistry

Curriculum & Samples: 4th Grade Science
Week Curriculum Topics Weekly Topics
1 Application and Inquiry The Scientific Method
2 Earth Science Erosion, Weathering, and Deposition
3   The Earth's Landforms
4   The Rock Cycle
5   The Water Cycle
6   Earth Science Project Week
7 Physical Science Matter
8   Energy
9   Electricity
10   Magnetism
11   Physical Science Project Week
12 Life Science Ecosystems and Biomes
13   Food Chains
14   Classification and Life Cycles
15   Genetics and Heredity
16   Life Science Project Week

Curriculum Samples
  • Sample 1  
  • Sample 2
  • Sample 3

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