Our Founders.

Like most parents, A Grade Ahead’s founders Meenal and Parag Singhal wanted to ensure that their children were building strong foundational and critical thinking skills that would enable them to excel in school and life.

None of the after-school programs available at the time offered the comprehensive educational enrichment they were seeking. They wanted a program that went beyond monotonous drills and provided real world applications of skills that promoted analytical thinking and problem solving. The Singhals decided to create their own worksheets and materials for their son and soon friends and family began asking if they could also use the material for their children.

While still working full-time jobs, the couple began mailing copies around the nation and created a small operation in their basement to fulfill the requests. Realizing there was an untapped need, Parag decided to quit his job to focus on creating the type of educational enrichment program he and his wife (and many others) wanted.

After investing in curriculum developed by educational experts, the Singhals launched A Grade Ahead’s Tutoring by Mail math program in 2001 with monthly lessons that included examples with teaching guides, homework exercises, and answers with goals and tips. As the math program grew in popularity across the country, the English program was introduced in 2004.

The continuous success of students and praise for A Grade Ahead's study materials and teaching methods led to the opening of the first Learning Center in Dublin, Ohio in 2006. A testament to the quality of the program, parents whose children have excelled as a result of A Grade Ahead make up the majority of A Grade Ahead’s franchisees. Today, there are Enrichment Academies throughout the country with plans to expand into new markets.