Our Approach.

Guiding children through school to ensure that they have the knowledge, skills, and passion to become capable and confident learners who reach their full potential is a parent’s greatest ambition. A Grade Ahead was founded and is led by parents who have made this goal a reality for thousands of families across the country.

A Grade Ahead’s advanced learning system gives students the edge they need to succeed in school and in life. Our comprehensive approach promotes critical thinking, reinforces essential skills, and enables students to excel at their own pace and beyond grade level work.

Developed by national education experts and updated annually based upon best practices, A Grade Ahead challenges your child to a higher academic standard than they receive in school and provides state-of-the-art curricula that meets and exceeds common core standards.

A Grade Ahead’s educational enrichment program

Builds Competence and Passion
Developed by education experts and updated annually based upon best practices, our advanced learning system builds competency and a passion for learning.

Promotes Critical Thinking
Our programs go well beyond drills and memorization by focusing on real world application of skills to promote critical thinking.

Stimulates Scientific Inquiry
Our extensively researched science program includes challenging hands-on experiments that make learning fun while reinforcing critical scientific concepts.

Dramatically Improves Vocabulary
Our students enhance their vocabulary by at least ten words a week while dramatically improving their writing skills, grammar, and comprehension.

Advances Math Concepts and Problem Solving
Our math program reinforces basic concepts through math drills and enhances problem-solving skills with word problems.

Improves Standardized Test Scores
We dedicate an entire month to standardized test preparation, including simulated practice tests and test taking tips, to build students’ skills and confidence