A Grade Ahead of

Mt Juliet,

Prepare your student for today's academic demands and rigorous standardized testing. Our approach and material make us a perfect supplement to the school system.

Mt Juliet learning center & tutoring


Our academy offers after-school enrichment classes for pre-kindergarten through high school students.In every subject we teach, we go beyond drills and memorization to build subject competency, intellectual curiosity, and the passionate pursuit of academic excellence. The cornerstone of our advanced learning system is our proprietary curriculum which

  • Promotes critical thinking
  • Reinforces essential skills, and
  • Accelerates learning

Unlike other tutoring companies, we focus on more than just numerical drills, to teach our students to understand the real world applications of the math concepts they study. Our English curriculum incorporates grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing to nurture well-rounded students who acquire mastery of the English language.

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2742 N. Mt Juliet Rd
Mt Juliet, TN 37122


Tuesdays 4:30pm - 8:30pm
Wednesdays 4:30pm - 8:30pm

About the Academy

The Mt Juliet academy is managed by experienced professionals with Engineering and Business Administration degrees. The professionals are involved in the community, youth organizations, and the school district. They have strong roots in the Mt Juliet area and have the best interests of your children in their heart. They are passionate about education, teaching, and family values.

They believe in the A Grade Ahead method and want to give your children the flexibility to learn and gain knowledge at their own pace, give your kids the understanding of number sense and prepare them for standardized tests and the increasingly competitive world. Learning should be fun and should be embraced rather than enforced.

We operate on the core principle of honest and open communication with the parents and we don’t acquire customers, we build relationships! Any feedback that can help the students achieve their goals or improve our operations is whole heartedly embraced.

Students from Pre-K through High School attend the academy to improve their math, English, and science skills. Sessions are offered in a small group classroom setting or one-on-one. Free Assessments and trial classes are provided. We provide both classwork and homework for reinforcement. Our material is parallel to the common core State Standards, which will help your child with what they are learning in school as well. We offer customized coaching classes, Creative Writing Workshops, coaching for placement tests such as Math Olympiad, Spelling Bee. It is our mission to help students achieve their academic goals and to teach them to always strive for excellence!

Welcome to the Mt Juliet A Grade Ahead center, where we hope to teach your kids the joy of learning!