Pre-Kindergarten Math

Establish the foundation for a lifetime of learning. A Grade Ahead’s pre-kindergarten curriculum combines both math and English. The material prepares students academically while working on essential developmental skills. Including the concepts contained in the pre-kindergarten curriculum, students will also enhance:

  • fine motor skills
  • following directions
  • homework skills
  • concentration
  • problem solving methods

Curriculum & Samples: Grade PK
# Month Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
1 June Learning Letters A-O; Numbers 1 - 9 Learning Letters P-Z; Numbers 1 - 10 Review Review
2 July Learning Numbers 11 - 15 Learning Numbers 15 - 18 Shapes (Triangle, Circle, Square) Learning Numbers 19 - 20
3 August Learning Numbers (21-25);
Shapes (Rectangle)
Learning Numbers 26 - 30; Positional Words (Inside/Outside, First/Last) Positional Words (Left/Between/Right, Above/Below) Positional Words (Front/Behind, On/Off)
4   September
Learning Upper and Lower Case Letters (A-O); Positional Words Review Learning Upper and Lower Case Letters (P-Z); Positional Words Review Writing Numbers and Letters Backwards; Positional Words (Top/Bottom) Patterns
5 October Counting More or Less Review Shapes (Oval)
6 November What is a word? Review What is a sentence? Review
7 December Ordering Numbers & Letters;
Introduce S Words
Introduce T Words Introduce B Words Part or Whole;
Introduce F Words
8 January Practice Writing Words; Introduce M Words Identify Most or Least; Introduce D Words Introduce P Words Introduce N Words
Grade Readiness February
(ALWAYS sent in the month of Feb unless requested otherwise)
Listening and Watching Skills:
   (1) Sorting Objects by Attribute
   (2) Rhyming
   (3) Time of Day
   (4) Motor Skills
   (5) Decipher Same and Different
   (6) Following Auditory Directions
   (7) Cause and Effect
   (8) Maze
9 March Introduce R Words;
Sight Words #1
Introduce W Words;
Sight Words #2
Introduce V Words;
Sight Words #3
Introduce L Words;
Sight Words #4
10 April Sight Words #5 Sight Words #6 Sight Words #7 Sight Words #8
Application & Development May
Review and Preview of KG:
   (1) Memory Concentration
   (2) Ordering Events
   (3) Answer Questions
Review of previous topics exists in successive week.

Curriculum Samples
  • Sample 1  
  • Sample 2

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