Proof that math shapes minds. A Grade Ahead’s Geometry program provides students with an edge in one of the most difficult classes of their high school career. Including the concepts contained in the curriculum, Geometry students will also enhance:

  • Logic and reasoning
  • Supporting arguments
  • Spatial dexterity
  • A broad Geometrical vocabulary

Geometry students receive a full Geometry curriculum section, composed of analytical, real-world problems.

Program Details: GEO
June Lines, planes, & angles; If-then statements; Proving theorems; Special angles
July Parallel lines; Angles; Congruent & isosceles triangles
August Medians, altitudes, & perpendicular bisectors; Parallelograms
September Formulas on a coordinate grid; Graphing linear equations; Vectors
October Inequalities; Indirect proofs; Ratio & proportion; Similar polygons
November Trigonometry; Polygons; Right triangles
December Application and development
January Circles
February Standardized test preparation
March 3D geometry
April Transformations; Composition & symmetry
May Application and development

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