Algebra II

A Grade Ahead’s Algebra II program gives students the knowledge, tools, and foundation to be able to succeed in trigonometry and pre-calculus.The Algebra II program elaborates upon Algebra I topics in addition to introducing the student to:

  • functions and their domain and range
  • analyzing Quadratic equations
  • factoring polynomials
  • identifying and graphing conic sections
  • exponentials and logarithms
  • matrices
  • sequences and series
  • imaginary and transcendental numbers

Curriculum & Samples: Algebra II
Week Topics
1 Introduction to Functions: Relations and Functions, Domain and Range, Function Notation, Types of Functions
2 Forms and Graphs of Linear Equations, Linear Inequalities, Piecewise Defined Functions, Absolute Value Functions
3 Solving Systems of Equations: Graphic Solutions, Methods of Substitution and Elimination;
Systems of Inequalities: Graphic Solutions, Objective Function and Restraints
4 Matrices: Matrix Operations, Inverse Matrix, Determinant, Solving Systems of Equations using Matrices
5 Radicals with n = 2: Simplifying, Radical Operations, Rationalizing;
Quadratic Equations: Graphing Parabolas, Vertex Form, Roots, Quadratic Formula, Discriminant, Completing the Square
6 Complex Solutions: Introduction to Imaginary Numbers, Sum and Difference of Complex Numbers;
Factoring Polynomials: Factor by the GCF, Factor the Sum or Difference of Cubes, Factor by Grouping, Polynomial Long Division, Synthetic Division;
Solutions for Polynomial Equations: Finding Zeros - Real and Imaginary
7 Introduction to Exponentials: Graphing, Growth and Decay, Domain and Range, Evaluating Exponential Expressions;
Logarithms: Laws of Logarithms, Evaluating Exponentials and Logarithsm, Inverse Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
8 Conic Sections- Circles and Ellipses: Radius, Center, Axes, Equation Forms, Graphing
9 Conic Sections- Parabola: Directrix and Forms;
Heperbolas: Center, Foci, Symmetry, Transverse, and Conjugate Axes, Asymptotes, Graphing
10 Sequences and Series: Arithmetic Sequences and Series, Geometric, Convergence and Divergence

Curriculum Samples
  • Sample 1  
  • Sample 2

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