Algebra II

A Grade Ahead’s 10-week condensed Algebra II enrichment program is designed to challenge high school students to a higher academic standard. Its curriculum booklets provide a good understanding of higher level algebraic topics through numerical drills as well as real-world situations through word problems. A Grade Ahead students develop strong critical thinking and analytical skills to succeed in trigonometry and pre-Calculus. Each booklet consists of four days of homework per week with a new topic introduced each week. In-depth lessons with examples and answers are also included in each curriculum booklet.

Program Details: Algebra II
Week 1 Introduction to functions; Relations and functions; Domain and range; Function notation; Types of functions
Week 2 Forms and graphs of linear equations; Linear inequalities; Piecewise defined functions; Absolute value functions
Week 3 Solving systems of equations; Graphic solutions; Methods of substitution and elimination; Systems of inequalities; Graphic solutions; Objective function and restraints
Week 4 Matrices; Matrix operations; Inverse matrix; Determinant; Solving systems of equations using matrices
Week 5 Radicals with n=2; Simplifying; Radical operations; Rationalizing; Quadratic equations: graphing parabolas; Vertex form; Roots; Quadratic formula; Discriminant; Completing the square
Week 6 Complex solutions: Introduction to imaginary numbers; Sum and difference of complex numbers; Factoring polynomials; Factor by the GCF; Factor the sum or difference of cubes; Factor by grouping; Polynomial long division; Synthetic division; Solutions for polynomial equations; Finding zeros = real and imaginary
Week 7 Introduction to exponentials; Graphing; Growth and decay; Domain and range; Evaluating exponential expressions; Logarithms: Laws of Logarithms; Evaluating exponentials and logarithms; Inverse exponential and logarithmic functions
Week 8 Conic sections - circles and ellipses; Radius; Center; Exes; Equation forms; Graphing
Week 9 Conic sections - parabola: directrix and forms; Hyperbolas: center, foci, symmetry; Traverse and conjugate axes; Asymptotes; Graphing
Week 10 Sequences and series; Arithmetic sequences and series; Geometric, convergence and divergence

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