Algebra I

Maintain the momentum for success. A Grade Ahead’s Algebra I program gives student a solid foundation and understanding of the math in which trigonometry, calculus, statistics and every higher order mathematics is built upon. The Algebra I program will elaborate on the concepts from Pre-Algebra in addition to introducing:

  • graphing linear equations
  • methods of solving linear equations
  • graphing and solving inequalities
  • polynomials and factoring
  • functions

Curriculum & Samples: Algebra I
# Month Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
1 June PEMDAS Fractions/Decimals;
Percents Review;
Ratio & Proportion
Scientific Notation
2 July Algebraic Expressions Solving a Simple Algebraic Linear Equation;
Algebraic Formulas
Advanced One Variable Linear Equations Review
3 August
Test #1
Volume & Surface Area of 3D Shapes Simple Linear Inequalities;
Triangle Inequalities
Pythagorean Theorem;
Midpoint & Distance Formulas
4 September Sequences and Number Theory Linear Equations in 2 Variables;
Slope/Intercepts of a Line
3 Forms of 2-Variable Linear Equations;
Slopes of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
5 October Simple Linear Inequalities with Two Variables (Solving & Graphing) Absolute Value Equations (Solving & Graphing) Absolute Value Inequalities (Solving & Graphing) Review
6 November Functions-1 Solving Systems of Linear Equations by Graphing & Substitution Solving Systems of Linear Equations by Elimination Review
7 December
Test #2
Factoring Polynomials-1 (by GCF/Integers-Part 1) Factoring Polynomials-2 (by GCF/Integers-Part 2) Factoring Polynomials-3 (by Identifying Patterns) Review
8 January Radical-1 Quadratic Equation-1 Quadratic Equation-2 Review
Preparation for State Standardized Tests February
(ALWAYS sent in the month of Feb unless requested otherwise)
Review of previous key topics with focus on strategies in the following areas:
(1) Showing your work
(2) Solving word problems
(3) Using graphics
March Radical-2 Parabola Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities by Graphing Review
10 April Probability Factorials/Permutation and Combination Solving Three Variable Systems of Linear and Non-Linear Equations Review
(Final Testing)
May Review of Months 8-10 and Testing
Word Problems are included in every day's material.

Curriculum Samples
  • Sample 1  
  • Sample 2

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