Algebra I

Maintain the momentum for success. A Grade Ahead’s Algebra I program gives student a solid foundation and understanding of the math in which trigonometry, calculus, statistics and every higher order mathematics is built upon. The Algebra I program will elaborate on the concepts from Pre-Algebra in addition to introducing:

  • Graphing linear equations
  • Methods of solving linear equations
  • Graphing and solving inequalities
  • Polynomials and factoring
  • Functions

Program Details: Algrebra I
June Pre-algebra review
July Algebraic expressions; Solving linear equations
August Volume & surface area; Inequalities; Pythagorean theorem
September Sequences; Number theory; 2 variable linear equations
October 2 variable linear inequalities; Absolute value equations & inequalities
November Functions; Systems of equations
December Factoring polynomials
January Radicals; Quadratic equation
February Standardized test preparation
March Radicals; Parabola; Systems of inequalities
April Probability; Permutation/combination; Non-linear equations
May Application and development

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