1st Grade Math

Initiate the love of learning. A Grade Ahead’s 1st grade math program introduces and elaborates on day-to-day mathematical concepts and topics. Students will retain methods to solving real-life mathematical scenarios. Skills learned in our 1st grade material will pave the path for a successful academic career. The curriculum expands upon:

  • Test-taking skills & strategies
  • Story problems
  • Mental math
  • Concepts of measurement
  • Concepts of time
  • Numerical proficiency and strategies

Numerical Drills. Boost accuracy and speed in calculations.
First: Add and subtract 1 to 2 digit numbers
Then: Add and subtract 2 to 3 digit numbers
Numerical levels are individually customized based on the student’s skill set and mastery of the concepts.

Curriculum & Samples: 1st Grade Math
# Month Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
1 June Word Problem Strategies Patterns Counting
(by 2s, 5s, and 10s)
2 July Place Value: Ones and Tens Standard, Expanded & Word Form Ordinal Numbers Review
3 August
Test #1
Money: Counting by Dimes, Nickels & Pennies Money: Counting by all Coins Money: Making Amounts from Coins;
Introduction to Dollar
4 September Word Problem Strategies Odd and Even Addition/Subtraction Facts;
Add/Subtract by 10 and 20
5 October Tables Bar Graphs Pie/Circle Graph Review
6 November Time-1 Time-2 Time-3 Review
7 December
Test #2
Inches and Centimeters Inches and Feet Ounces and Pounds Review
8 January Calendar-1 Calendar-2 Calendar-3 Review
Grade Readiness February
(ALWAYS sent in the month of Feb unless requested otherwise)
Review of previous key topics with focus on strategies in the following areas:
(1) Showing your work
(2) Solving word problems
(3) Using graphics
9 March Geometry-1 Geometry-2 Geometry-3 Review
10 April Fractions Fractions with Word Problems Fractions with Geometry Review
(Final Testing)
May Review of Months 8-10 and Testing
Word Problems are included in every day's material.

Curriculum Samples
  • Sample 1  
  • Sample 2

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