Enrichment Academies

Frequently Asked Questions

How do classes at A Grade Ahead Enrichment Academies work?

1. Assess. The first step to enrolling in A Grade Ahead is for your child to take an assessment. This will help place him or her in the proper A Grade Ahead class.

2. Enroll. Once your child is enrolled, he or she will attend class once per week. Classes are scheduled by grade and subject, with a maximum of 8 students per class.

3. Learn. A qualified A Grade Ahead teacher will instruct a proper lesson over the topic of the week in class.

4. Reinforce..... at home. Provide feedback on his/her progress using the monthly progress report and our online Parent Portal.

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How is the A Grade Ahead’s program different from other programs?

A Grade Ahead centers reflect a small school setting. Classes are scheduled by grade and by subject and are never intermixed. Qualified educators teach a proper lesson each week to a maximum of 8 students per class.

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Who should enroll in the A Grade Ahead program?

The A Grade Ahead program is designed for any student who wants to excel at school and standardized testing. This provides an opportunity for students to catch up to their grade level or be admitted into the advanced or accelerated programs.

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Does the program clash with what is taught at my child’s school?

No. The A Grade Ahead program is aligned with topics students are exposed to in their grade level at school. But we add an edge to the material through critical thinking and real world applications, making it a true supplement to their school work.

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What does the study packet consist of?

The study packet contains:

  • Examples complete with a lesson on the topic of the week
  • Worksheets consisting of curriculum and numerical drills (math only)
  • Answer key
  • Monthly Material Summary
  • Monthly Progress Report

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Do students take tests? How is my child’s performance measured?

Your child will be tested regularly. He or she will be able to advance to a more challenging level of practice based on the test scores.

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How do students advance to higher levels?

As mentioned before, the test scores of your child and the score cards of the monthly worksheets help us to determine when a child can advance to more challenging problems.

We also strongly encourage parent feedback and suggestions in the process of evaluating a student's level.

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What if the study matter is too difficult for my child?

If the study material is not at your child's level, please contact us immediately. We will make prompt adjustments to match the material with the skill level of the student.

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Can students take a break from the program?

A student can take three months of break each calendar year. These breaks can be taken at once or they can be spread out over the calendar year.

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