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Prepare your student for today's academic demands and rigorous standardized testing. Our approach and material make us a perfect supplement to the school system.

Grayson learning center & tutoring


Our academy offers after-school enrichment classes for pre-kindergarten through high school students.In every subject we teach, we go beyond drills and memorization to build subject competency, intellectual curiosity, and the passionate pursuit of academic excellence. The cornerstone of our advanced learning system is our proprietary curriculum which

  • Promotes critical thinking
  • Reinforces essential skills, and
  • Accelerates learning

Unlike other tutoring companies, we focus on more than just numerical drills, to teach our students to understand the real world applications of the math concepts they study. Our English curriculum incorporates grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing to nurture well-rounded students who acquire mastery of the English language.

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2715 Loganville Highway, Suite 230-2C
Loganville, GA 30052


Tuesday – Thursday 3:30 – 7:30 pm
Saturday, 9 am to 12 pm

About the Academy

Hello and welcome to the A Grade Ahead Enrichment Academy at Grayson. My name is Falguni Patel. I have two children in grades 8 and 5. I wanted to provide them with affordable after-school tutoring but did not like the options available in my community. I wanted a program where my children would be actively tutored by certified teachers. I did not want them to simply be given worksheets to complete. I could do that by buying the worksheets from Amazon!

When I visited the A Grade Ahead academy in Smyrna, GA and chatted with the owners about the program, I became convinced this was what was needed in my community too. The A Grade Ahead concept includes active tutoring in a classroom setting. The teaching and learning styles are engaging and fun. The lessons are personalized to the individual student. The class size is limited and different subjects are taught in separate classrooms. I believe this is important as to allow children to concentrate on the material, and not be distracted by other children. Some places have a single large open area for all children – not very conducive to learning in my opinion.

I have moved with my husband over 20 times in the past 20 years. After moving to Grayson we decided we are not moving again. This is now our home and our community. Grayson has a small-town charm and appeal, is close to urban amenities, yet provides ample access for outdoor activities. I love this place!

I decided to start A Grade Ahead Enrichment Academy in Grayson because I want to provide an option to parents that is affordable and flexible, and for children that will allow them to learn and progress at their own pace; an option that is in tune with the Georgia school curriculum; an option that will grow with them and help them go as far as they wish to go – all the way from Kindergarten to High School and even College Testing Prep!

Come and visit A Grade Ahead at Grayson and let me show you our Academy. Bring your children. I am confident you, and they, will love our academy, our environment, and most of all, our enrichment programs!