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Prepare your student for today's academic demands and rigorous standardized testing. Our approach and material make us a perfect supplement to the school system.

Frisco learning center & tutoring


Our academy offers after-school enrichment classes for pre-kindergarten through high school students. In every subject we teach, we go beyond drills and memorization to build subject competency, intellectual curiosity, and the passionate pursuit of academic excellence. The cornerstone of our advanced learning system is our proprietary curriculum which

  • Promotes critical thinking
  • Reinforces essential skills, and
  • Accelerates learning

Unlike other tutoring companies, we focus on more than just numerical drills, to teach our students to understand the real world applications of the math concepts they study. Our English curriculum incorporates grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing to nurture well-rounded students who acquire mastery of the English language.

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9555 Lebanon Road, Suite 1001
Frisco, TX 75035


Monday 4:30pm-7:30pm
Tuesday 4:30pm-7:30pm
Wednesday 4:30-7:30pm
Saturday 9:15am-1:15pm

About the Academy

Meeta Singh: Owner of A Grade Ahead of Frisco:

As a teacher turned entrepreneur, I am often struck by how much these two jobs have in common. My entire staff also pride themselves to be igniting this flame of perseverance and dedication to impart effective education. For several years, I feel thankful of gathering rich experience in teaching and, even indigenously developing critical thinking program to hone reasoning skills and better prepare students to solve life challenges. My close association, while working, with children helped me to understand the cognitive science in play behind students learning.

The sensitivity and effective learning techniques differ from child to child. The philosophy behind developing student needs combination of commitment, improvisation and breadth. After multiple evaluation and analysis, I feel motivated and beyond excited that I signed up to bring A Grade Ahead academy in our community.

My team will be committed to provide a differentiated learning and increase customer satisfaction, quality of service with best value for money.

It is our mission to help students achieve their academic goals and to teach them to always strive for excellence!