Kindergarten English

Ignite an enthusiasm for education. A Grade Ahead’s kindergarten English program promotes reading confidence with a platform of phonics. Students learn how to create and desconstruct words phonetically, establishing the essentials of literacy. The English skills integrated into our Kindergarten English curriculum include:

  • Standardized testing skills
  • Reading and writing
  • Answering comprehension questions
  • Basic punctuations
  • Phonetic platforms

Curriculum & Samples: Grade KG
# Month Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
1 June Upper and Lower
Case Letter Writing
Letter Writing Review;
Vowels Review;
Consonants & Vowels Review;
2 July Sight Words #1;
Consonant Sounds
Consonant Sounds;
Consonant Sounds
(Hard G, Hard C,W,V)
Sight Words #2;
Consonant Sounds
Consonant Sounds;
Consonant Sounds
3 August Sight Words #3;
Consonant Sounds
Consonant Sounds;
Consonant Sounds
(Soft C, Soft G,Y)
Diagraphs (TH, CH, SH, WH) Real Life Connections (RLC)-Draw/Narrate Story
4 September Sight words 1-3;
Letters, consonants, & words
RLC with Words
Consonant Sounds
Intro to Books-1
Consonant Sounds;
Intro to Books-2
Consonant Sounds;
Intro to Books-3
5 October Sight Words #4;
Short Vowel- A
Short A;
Short Vowel- O & U
Short O & U;
Short Vowel- I
Short I;
Short Vowel- E
6 November Sight Words #5;
Short Vowels
All Short Vowels;
Long Vowel A with Silent E
Long Vowels-A with Silent E;
Long A
7 December Sight Words #6;
Long Vowel O with Silent E
Long Vowel O with Silent E;
OA, OW Words
Long O;
Long Vowel I with Silent E
Long Vowel I with Silent E;
IE Words
8 January Sight Words 4-6;
Long Vowel U with Silent E
Long Vowel U with Silent E;
Long E with Vowel Pairs EE and EA
Long Vowels A and E Long Vowels U, I, O
Grade Readiness February
(ALWAYS sent in the month of Feb unless requested otherwise)
(1) Listening to Stories and Answering Questions
(2) Review
9 March Short Vowels;
Beginning Consonant Blends-1
Short Vowels;
Beginning Consonant Blends-2
Long Vowels;
Beginning Consonant Blends-1
Long Vowels;
Beginning Consonant Blends-2
10 April Ending Consonant Blends Singular & Plural Opposites Rhyming Words
Application & Development May Reading Stories and Poems
Review of previous topics exists in successive week.

Curriculum Samples
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