Kindergarten English

Ignite an enthusiasm for education. A Grade Ahead’s kindergarten English program promotes reading confidence with a platform of phonics. Students learn how to create and desconstruct words phonetically, establishing the essentials of literacy. The English skills integrated into our Kindergarten English curriculum include:

  • Reading and writing
  • Basic comprehension skills
  • Basic punctuations
  • Phonetic platforms

Program Details: Grade KG
June Upper and lower case letters; Vowels; Consonants
July Sight Words; Consonant Sounds
August Digraphs; Real-life Connections
September Intro to Books; Real-life Connections
October Sight Words; Short vowels
November Sight words; Review short vowels; Long vowel A
December Sight words; Long vowels O and I
January Review sign words and long vowels; Vowel pairs
February Grade readiness
March Review short and long vowels; Beginning consonant blends
April Ending consonant blends; Singular vs. plural; Rhyming words
May Application and development

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