7 Grade English

Understanding how to write successfully. A Grade Ahead’s Grade 7 English program pushes comprehension to sculpt writing abilities. Student learning exceeds the curriculum with:

  • Thought articulation
  • Reading awareness
  • Shaping vision

Grade 7 English students receive a substantial curriculum, built on personal experience and real life applications.

Program Details: 7th/8th Grade
June Historical, mystery & realistic fiction; Parts of speech; Comprehension elements
July Science fiction, fantasy & horror; Clauses & conjugations
August Myths, legends & folk tales; Phrases; Punctuation
September Research & planning; Citing sources; Nonfiction texts
October Writing & editing essays; Nonfiction texts
November Speeches & essays; Persuasive & literary devices
December Essays & debates; Logical fallacies; Denotation/Connotation
January Elements of fiction
February Standardized test preparation
March Poetry
April Drama
May Application and development

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