6th Grade English

Empower young minds with strong foundations. A Grade Ahead’s Grade 6 English program polishes student grammar skills and forms a foundation for strong comprehension and writing abilities. Beyond the curriculum concepts, the students will also strengthen:

  • Sentence shaping
  • Thought articulation
  • Reading awareness

Grade 6 English students receive an extensive curriculum, devised of hands-on experience and practice.

Program Details: 6th Grade
June Realistic fiction; Parts of speech; Comprehension elements
July Mystery; Historical and science fiction; Subjects and verbs
August Fantasy; Themes; Compare and contrast
September Myths, horror, & legends; Advanced pronouns; Prose constructed response
October Fables; Clauses & sentence types; Advanced punctuation
November Nonfiction; Paraphrasing; Sentences
December Speeches; Thesis statements/topics; Sentences/Body paragraphs
January Essays; Auto & biographies; Writing a research paper
February Standardized test preparation
March Analogies; Writing a story; Sensory language
April Poetry; Connotation/Denotation
May Application and development

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