5th Grade English

There is no substitute for knowledge. Jump right in with A Grade Ahead’s 5th grade English Program. It fine-tunes the foundations of the English language, while also allowing students to begin exploring their composition skills. Curriculum topics include:

  • Refining Understanding and Correct Use of Parts of Speech
  • Expanding Verb Tense Knowledge
  • Composing Extended Response
  • Letter Writing
  • Figurative Language
  • Poetry

5th grade English students receive weekly work that will focus on vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension or writing.

Program Details: 5th Grade
June Parts of speech; Punctuation; Comprehension elements
July Punctuation; Outlines; Paragraph building
August Figurative language; Prose constructed response; Persuasive piece
September Subject verb agreement; Antecedent; Realistic fiction
October Commonly misused words; Nonfiction
November Comprehension elements; Clauses & conjunctions; Prepositions
December Comparatives/Superlatives; Lie/Lay & rise/raise; Sentence types
January Poetry
February Standardized test preparation
March Perfect tenses; Letters
April Linking, action, & helping verbs; Continuous tenses
May Application and development

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