4th Grade English

Broaden the mind. A Grade Ahead’s 4th grade English program introduces students to a new world of texts and writing. Students utilize their creativity to develop advanced writings. Our curriculum incorporates:

  • Understanding and Using Parts of Speech
  • Comprehension and Response
  • Brainstorming and Pre-Writing
  • Composing Essays and Poetry
  • Editing

4th grade English students receive weekly work that will focus on vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension or writing.

Program Details: 4th Grade
June Prose constructed response; Nouns & adjectives; Verbs & tenses
July Comprehension elements; Adverbs; Pre-writing
August Pronouns; Comprehension elements; Homonyms
September Punctuation; Apostrophes; Pronouns
October Prepositions; Irregular verbs; Helping verbs
November Compare & contrast; Continuous tenses; Informational essays
December Subject verb agreement; Informational texts; Persuasive essay
January Coordinating conjunctions; Sentence structure; Articles
February Standardized test preparation
March Figurative language; Poetry
April Words with multiple meanings; Comparatives/Superlatives
May Application and development

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