3rd Grade English

Give the opportunity of academic acceleration. A Grade Ahead’s 3rd grade English program encourages students to excel in English independently. Students begin practicing extended responses to writing prompts while implementing appropriate grammar and parts of speech. Our 3rd grade English curriculum enhances:

  • Skills necessary for standardized testing
  • Writing (outlines, drafting/editing, creative pieces, fantasy, letters)
  • Comprehension
  • Extended responses and their proper format

3rd grade English students receive weekly work that will focus on vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension or writing

Program Details: 3rd Grade
June Prose constructed response; Nouns; Verbs
July Comprehension elements; Subject/Predicate; Sentences
August Comprehension elements; Pronouns; Passive nouns; Helping verbs; Writing outlines
September Adjectives; Adverbs; Realistic fiction
October Comparative/Superlatives; Adjectives & adverbs; Collective nouns; Fantasy
November Irregular verbs; Abbreviations; Fact/Opinion; Prose constructed response
December Coordinating conjunctions; Sentence types; Writing
January Possessive nouns; Quotation marks; Subject verb agreement
February Standardized test preparation
March Similies/Metaphors; Context clues; Essays to inform
April Prepositions; Poetry
May Application and development

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