2nd Grade English

Prepare for academic achievement. In A Grade Ahead’s 2nd grade English program, students accelerate in their reading capabilities. The material focuses on reading advanced passages with critical thinking questions following. Students utilize advanced parts of speech, proper sentences, and verb tense in their writings. Our 2nd grade material focuses on:

  • Reading fluency and comprehension
  • Writing in complete thoughts
  • Grammar fundamentals
  • Creative writing and paragraphs

2nd grade English students receive weekly work that will focus on vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension.

Program Details: 2nd Grade
June Blends & diagraphs R-controlled words; Comprehension elements
July Vowel pairs; Compound words; Antonym & synonyms
August Capitalization; End punctuation; Verbs
September Comprehension elements; Verb tenses
October Informational texts; Common/Proper & Singular/Plural nouns
November Collective nouns: Subject/Predicate; Prefixes/Suffixes
December Guide words; Adjectives; Homonyms
January Adverbs; Contractions; Possessive nouns
February Grade readiness
March Commas; Conjunctions; Cause & effect
April Review nouns; Review subject & predicate; A & an
May Application and development

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