1st Grade English

Initiate the love of learning. A Grade Ahead’s 1st grade English program prepares students to begin tackling reading and writing with ease. Students become familiar in identifying and applying proper grammar and sentence structure. Reading passages that are aligned with a vocabulary list provide students with practice in comprehension and writing exercises. Students will enhance:

  • Parts of speech
  • Proper sentence structure
  • Transforming thoughts into writing
  • Reading and comprehension

1st grade English materials include exercises focusing on vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension.

Program Details: 1st Grade
June Short vowels; Long vowels; Long vowel pairs
July Consonant blends; Diagraphs; Comprehension elements
August Capitalization; End punctuation; Types of sentences
September Common/Proper nouns; Complete and incomplete sentences
October Singular/Plural nouns; Writing to tell a story
November Verbs and verb tenses; Subject and matching verb
December Commas; Apostrophes
January Adjectives; Main idea; Sequencing
February Grade readiness
March Prefixes; Suffixes; Reading fluency
April Review nouns/subject/predicate; A and an; Creative writing
May Application and development

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